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  • Lovehoney Customers Product Review

    Nalone Curve Reviewed: 21 Sep 2013 This cute little clit vibrator comes in a nice posh box with it cushioned on show when you lift the box open. This is a rechargeable vibrator so need for batteries but does take roughly 3 hours to charge via a USB adapter so you will need patience but it will be worth it. This vibrator is silicone base with 7 vibrations modes with a very low noise level too, which is very good, not very loud at all. When under the duvet however your moans maybe but LH nor Nalone can be held...

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  • Lucy - Lovehoney's Sex Surveyor - Reviews Nalone Range

    I used to think that as a seasoned Lovehoney staff member, I’d seen it all. Oh boy, was I wrong. These days you can buy a luxury, high-tech sex toy easily and for a brilliant price. However, when the new Nalone range was put on my desk I knew I was dealing with something extra special. The minute it went live I had to shout about it and explain what it is that makes these toys so different. So why is it so amazing? Well, we’re talking voice-activation technology, touch and heat-sensitive vibrations and even wireless electrosex functions. This range...

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